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DataWiz: An automated assistant for data management in Psychology

Years of experience with the research data center PsychData have shown that data management is most effective when it is instated early, preferably concomitant with the research process. Therefore, DataWiz supports researchers in planning their data management before the project starts and in managing their research data during the project. It provides functions for data preparation, documentation and archiving, as well as a digital collaborative working environment for you and your team. In this way, project DataWiz pursues the following strategic goals:

  • reduce the time spent on research data management by researchers,
  • relieve the load on research data repositories by increasing quality of deposited data,
  • establish domain-adequate research data management and open science practices in psychology.

Researchers retain free control over their own data while working in DataWiz. Standardized formats and interfaces nevertheless allow and encourage the transfer of research data to an established data archive.

Knowledge Base

On this site, you will find the DataWiz knowledge base which can be used in addition to DataWiz’ web-based assistant or independently. Please notice that its contents are continuously extended and updated regularly.

The knowledge base’s content is structured in three sections:


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