DataWiz Update 1.1.2


  • An error has been fixed that caused the export to be aborted if a record does not contain any data.
  • An error has been fixed that occurred during ODF export of the data management plan and study documentation.
  • Fixed a JavaScript bug that caused the tabs in the study documentation of the English version of DataWiz to be without functionality.


  • Tables in the admin area can now be sorted by timestamps.
  • Breadcrumb on welcome page removed
  • Content of welcome page can now be edited directly by the administrator

DataWiz Update 1.1.1


  • New Feature: It is now possible to add a description to project and study materials.
  • Page for additional materials for projects and studies revised. Pictures are displayed larger. The pages should now also look better on mobile devices. The download button is no longer necessary, because the download is now started by clicking on the file format icon or image.

Software Stack:

  • Spring 5.1.2.RELEASE (update)

DataWiz Update 1.1.0

Many changes have been made since the last update:


  • JAVA Heap Size Exception could occur when uploading or downloading large files. This behavior was fixed by improving the algorithm for generating hash values and buffering the transfer to the minio storage system.
  • If the value “type” was left empty in the study constructs, an enumeration exception occurred. This field now accepts empty string.
  • Password Validation failed when using German umlauts. This could be fixed.
  • Also some minor bugs were fixed.

Security improvements:

  • reCaptcha is now required when registering a new account.
  • Accounts are now temporarily locked for 15 minutes if the login failed five times (password check failed).


  • New HTML-Email Template based on Freemarker.

Software Stack:

  • Java 11.0.1 (update) – requires at least Tomcat 8.5.31, or Tomcat 9.0.8
  • Spring 5.1.1.RELEASE (update)
  • Spring Security 5.1.1.RELEASE (update)
  • Minio Version 5.0.2 (update)
  • Freemarker 2.3.28 (new)