DataWiz Update 1.1.4


  • A bug was fixed that caused the English version of the study documentation not to load the page at all (Chrome, Opera) or to load it only partially (Edge, Firefox).
  • A bug was fixed that caused a study construct to throw an exception instead of being deleted.
  • There is a problem with multipart upload forms. The strings from the text fields were not transferred as UTF-8 but as ISO_8859_1. A workaround was developed because the error could not be found in either Tomcat or DataWiz. The problem only affects the record documentation.
  • Project and Study Materials:
    • Fixed “undefined” Description String in DropZone
    • New internationalisation for “delete” and “save description” button
    • Auto Upload Enabled
    • Upload and Clear Button removed
  • Temporarily fix an error that occurs when the user uses multiple browser tabs. The “_s” parameter is used to fix it, but to fix it permanently, the controller should be revised and the session attributes removed.